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CREATIVE COPY COPYWRITING SERVICES: 27 years as a copywriter for UK businesses of all types and sizes
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Looking for a professional copywriter? An established copywriter that will make a real difference to your sales? A UK-based copywriter that knows how to use exactly the right blend of strategy, tactics and words to encourage repeat business and build brand loyalty? Welcome to Leeds-based Creative Copy!

Delivering copywriting services to UK businesses of all types and sizes - for 27 years

Creative Copy Copywriting Services is run by Bev Osborne, an experienced freelance copywriter with over 27 years of delivering order-generating copywriting for UK businesses - from sole traders and SMEs through to top names like BT, Bass, British Gas, Parcelforce, Portakabin, the Royal Mint, Damart and many more.

No matter what your product or service, whether you are a large or small business, and regardless of how competitive your marketplace, I have the hands-on copywriting experience to produce first-class copywriting that generates orders - quickly, to brief and at affordable rates.

You can read more about me here. Then, to get an experienced freelance copywriter working for your business, contact me for a competitive quote. Or call 0113 266 5785.

A Yorkshire copywriter offering a UK-wide service

As a Leeds-based copywriter I provide copywriting services for businesses across the UK. So whether you're looking for copywriters in Yorkshire or anywhere else in the UK, Creative Copy delivers the powerful copywriting services you require - on time, to brief and to budget.

Creative Copy also offers technical / engineering writing services, provided by Paul Osborne, our specialist Leeds-based electrical and mechanical engineering consultant / technical writer.

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"We sent out a stack of sales letters last week and within 48 hours we'd already had 8 people on the phone - and that's even before our sales people started following up with calls. I know that every time I talk to you, Bev, I'm going to make money which is great!"
"I believe the letter you have provided has been the strongest we have had for any campaign to date."
"Both documents look great, read well and have saved me hours and hours of anxious toil over the keyboard. It is an interesting feeling of relief having put the task in the hands of a professional and getting back just what the doctor ordered. The amount of times the boot is on the other foot and we see customers trying to save a bob or two by doing their own copywriting. They may save themselves 50 or 60 quid but the result ends up like a real dog's dinner - and it must do more to put people off than anything else. Many thanks once again for your super speedy help, patience and guidance."


Copywriter blog

"It's OK, we’ve asked our receptionist / secretary / admin assistant to write it"

Recently I got one of those 'urgent urgent' emails where a potential client wants some high-quality copywriting done yesterday. Firstly, this always astonishes me because...


Frequently Asked Questions. But are they?

So many small business websites don’t seem to check their FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages to see if these really are the kind of questions that potential customers are asking...


Your website speaks volumes about who you are

Unable to access a certain medical procedure on the NHS, I’ve been looking into private practice doctors. I found two in our area. Doctor #1 has a nice, modern, friendly website with all the information I require (even if he does have a basic spelling error...


ALWAYS deliver on the promises made by your website

In a bid to fix this confounded sciatica which I’ve been enduring for two weeks, I decided to make an appointment with a physiotherapist. I know the local gym has a visiting physio because I’ve used him before. So I filled out the form....


Why 400 words of copywriting and 400 words of copywriting can have a completely different price tag

As a copywriter, I often get asked for a copywriting quote for, say, 400 words of copywriting for a website. Full stop. No background information, no nothing. The trouble is...


A major reason why your sales letters might not be working

As a copywriter, the first thing I do when I get an enquiry about copywriting a sales letter for someone is to check out their website because, ultimately, this is what I will be asking readers to do: visit the client’s website for more information...


Been AWOL for a while. Here’s why.

Not only have I been recovering from a radial head fracture to my left elbow (as a result of my beloved husband cycling into me and knocking me off my bike) plus a massive range of cuts and bruises, but...


Come on, Tesco, a little incentive to complete the survey wouldn’t go amiss

Tesco wants customers who have used their home delivery service to do an online customer satisfaction survey about their recent grocery orders. With a dozen or so similar surveys coming through every few weeks from various companies, I simply can’t be bothered....


A brief to get my teeth into – once the dentist has fixed the broken enamel

By yesterday I was feeling pretty down in the dumps with this confounded fractured elbow and all the cuts and bruises that have come with not only falling off my (weighty mountain) bike, but ending up with my 14-stone husband and his (even weightier mountain) bike landing on top of me. Not good...


You would love this client, you really would

I mentioned this particular client in an earlier blog about my dream clients. Yesterday I was thrilled to hear that he has not only taken on more staff to assist with marketing his high-end product range but he’s expanding the collection. Is there nothing stopping this guy?...