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Looking for a professional copywriter? An established copywriter that will make a real difference to your sales? A UK-based copywriter that knows how to use exactly the right blend of strategy, tactics and words to encourage repeat business and build brand loyalty? Welcome to Leeds-based Creative Copy!

Delivering copywriting services to UK businesses of all types and sizes - for 27 years

Creative Copy Copywriting Services is run by Bev Osborne, an experienced freelance copywriter with over 27 years of delivering order-generating copywriting for UK businesses - from sole traders and SMEs through to top names like BT, Bass, British Gas, Parcelforce, Portakabin, the Royal Mint, Damart and many more.

No matter what your product or service, whether you are a large or small business, and regardless of how competitive your marketplace, I have the hands-on copywriting experience to produce first-class copywriting that generates orders - quickly, to brief and at affordable rates.

You can read more about me here. Then, to get an experienced freelance copywriter working for your business, contact me for a competitive quote. Or call 0113 266 5785.

A Yorkshire copywriter offering a UK-wide service

As a Leeds-based copywriter I provide copywriting services for businesses across the UK. So whether you're looking for copywriters in Yorkshire or anywhere else in the UK, Creative Copy delivers the powerful copywriting services you require - on time, to brief and to budget.

Creative Copy also offers technical / engineering writing services, provided by Paul Osborne, our specialist Leeds-based electrical and mechanical engineering consultant / technical writer.

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Copywriter Testimonials

"Alan and Janice are so happy with your copywriting style that they already see the benefit of spending a monthly budget with you, and will probably be asking you to write/edit at least one monthly blog article with Janice's input. This is a cornerstone for me [website designer / developer], thanks to your work. They now believe in the value of quality content over 'a pretty website'... As Alan commented: 'Exactly the copywriting style I had in mind, Bev: fun to read and on-target but above all engaging.' Janice says: 'I so enjoyed reading this page of copy! It is wonderful!'" more testimonials
"We sent out a stack of sales letters last week and within 48 hours we'd already had 8 people on the phone - and that's even before our sales people started following up with calls. I know that every time I talk to you, Bev, I'm going to make money which is great!" more testimonials
"I believe the letter you have provided has been the strongest we have had for any campaign to date." more testimonials
"Both documents look great, read well and have saved me hours and hours of anxious toil over the keyboard. It is an interesting feeling of relief having put the task in the hands of a professional and getting back just what the doctor ordered. The amount of times the boot is on the other foot and we see customers trying to save a bob or two by doing their own copywriting. They may save themselves 50 or 60 quid but the result ends up like a real dog's dinner - and it must do more to put people off than anything else. Many thanks once again for your super speedy help, patience and guidance." more testimonials

Copywriter blog

Another moan: websites you have to sign up to before they’ll allow access

...You know... those website urls you click on and you can’t get any further without signing up for a newsletter? So what do I do? I back-click of course. Sorry, but I get enough emails and newsletters (yes, the knitting newsletters keep coming at the rate of at least two per week… AND IN DUPLICATE EACH TIME for some unknown reason… aaarrrggghhh!). The rule of thumb...


Let’s ask customers what they think – and make it impossible for them to respond!

As ever, the service at our local Post Office this afternoon was unfriendly and tedious, with a long queue and just one person serving – the most miserable woman on the planet. So I picked up a yellow "Your chance to win 1 of 5 giftcards worth £100" card which invites customers to tell the Post Office what they think...


A big massive huge YUCK – is the BT Infinity ad the most tasteless ad on TV?

I don’t know if it’s just me, but every time that awful BT Infinity ‘big lady’ ad pops up on the telly I feel physically sick. I can’t even imagine how the creative pitch went. Well I can have a go...


Not too much, not too little… Just right. Some thoughts on after-sales follow-up activities.

On Friday evening I placed an order for knitting yarn at I was impressed with their website and the 15% off your first order pop-up that kicks in when you might be thinking of leaving the site to compare prices elsewhere. And the fact that they got me to sign up for a newsletter in order to receive this discount. I was even more impressed...


As a copywriter, I know how to do my job. I wouldn’t still be around after 27 years if I didn't.

With over 22 years’ experience of stretching and pummeling people back to a pain-free life, I trust my physiotherapist implicitly to deliver the very best and most effective treatment for my herniated lumbar disc (caused by a bike accident in August). And I trust her to give me expert advice on what I should and shouldn’t do to aid recovery...


Time to give something back – volunteering for adult literacy programme

Being a home-based freelance copywriter can get a bit isolating. So a friend made a great suggestion today: why didn’t I volunteer for a couple of hours a week or so on, for example, an adult literacy programme? As a copywriter and (occasional) author, I have the skills...


Oh for pity’s sake, it’s YOU’RE not YOUR!!!!

After misuse of an apostrophe / plurals and getting the various forms of they’re / their / there confused the NUMBER ONE grammatical mistake I see virtually every day is the misspelling of you’re – as in you are...


Oh dear, another would-be copywriter…

Yet another email arrived in my in-box today from a would-be copywriter asking if I could provide them with copywriting work experience...


"It's OK, we’ve asked our receptionist / secretary / admin assistant to write it"

Recently I got one of those 'urgent urgent' emails where a potential client wants some high-quality copywriting done yesterday. Firstly, this always astonishes me because...


Frequently Asked Questions. But are they?

So many small business websites don’t seem to check their FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages to see if these really are the kind of questions that potential customers are asking...