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    Looking for a professional copywriter? An established copywriter who will make a real difference to your sales? A UK copywriter who knows how to use exactly the right blend of strategy, tactics and words to encourage repeat business and build brand loyalty? Welcome to Leeds-based Creative Copy Copywriting Services.

    Creative Copy is run by Beverley Osborne, an experienced freelance copywriter with over 27 years of delivering order-generating copywriting services for UK businesses - from sole traders and SMEs through to top names like BT, Bass, British Gas, Parcelforce, Portakabin, the Royal Mint and many more.

    27 years as a UK copywriter

    No matter what your product or service and whether you are a large or small business, I have the hands-on copywriting experience to produce first-class copywriting services that generate orders - quickly, to brief and at affordable rates.

    See what my existing clients say here. Then, to get an experienced freelance copywriter working for your business, contact me for a competitive quote. Or call 0113 266 5785.

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    A copywriter that gets results

    With effective copywriting, every word and phrase counts. Every headline, sub-heading and paragraph needs to be pure persuasion. This is what you get with Creative Copy Copywriting Services. And it's why businesses use me as their regular copywriter time and time again.

    As an experienced copywriter, I know what works and what doesn't - plus all the copywriting 'tricks of the trade' that translate your thinking into dynamic copywriting that gets results. I've been achieving great results for my regular clients for many years, so why not join them? Start getting better sales results now - contact me for a competitive quote. Or click here to find out more about me.

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    Copywriting services

    As an experienced copywriter I write everything from websites and sales letters to direct mail packs, corporate brochures, product literature, press releases, editorial and advertorials plus case studies, testimonials and newsletters. And if you need anything that isn't on this list, just ask. In 27 years as a copywriter I'm bound to have covered it. Read more about my copywriting services...

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    Most sectors covered

    Over the past 27 years I've written copy for just about every market sector under the sun. So the chances are that I've already worked as a copywriter for a business in your sector. This means that you get the top-notch copywriting you need, quickly, on brief and at an affordable price. It also means that I instinctively know the kind of messages and tone of voice that motivate your customers to respond, so you build a valuable loyal base of repeat customers.

    Growing smaller businesses into big ones

    I've helped my regular clients thrive and grow over the years, working with them to establish a strong customer base supported by a great website, marketing literature and sales communications. Start growing your customer base now - contact me for a competitive quote.

  • How the process works

    How the copywriting process works

    First we'll talk over the phone or by email so I can get a feel for your business and the kind of message you want to convey. Next, I'll send you a checklist so you can provide more background information. Then I'll email a draft for your comments followed by a final version for you to agree. That's how fast and straightforward it is. And with me, no copywriting project is too large or too small. So if future growth is important to you, let's talk business. Contact me today for a competitive quote.

  • Testimonials

    Just a few of the many testimonials I've received as a copywriter

    "Exactly the copywriting style I had in mind, Bev: fun to read and on-target but above all engaging" and "I so enjoyed reading this page of copy! It is wonderful!"

    "All feedback on the newsletter has been very positive. In addition, our budget for this coming year includes funding. So please continue your excellent work [on the Council website]."

    "Thanks Bev, I’ve had a quick look at the draft sales letter and my first impression is good (as I’ve come to expect from you!)"

    "You're fantastic and may we continue working together for many more years."

    "We sent out a stack of sales letters last week and within 48 hours we'd already had 8 people on the phone - and that's even before our sales people started following up with calls. I know that every time I talk to you, Bev, I'm going to make money which is great!"

    "I believe the letter you have provided has been the strongest we have had for any campaign to date."

    Read more testimonials here...

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    To find out more about my copywriting services, please get in touch via my contact form or telephone 0113 266 5785. Alternatively you can send me an email.

    In the meantime, to find out more about my copywriting services, please feel free to browse through the rest of my website using the navigation at the top of the page.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

A Yorkshire copywriter offering a UK-wide service

As a Leeds-based copywriter I provide copywriting services for businesses across the UK, from London to Edinburgh, Belfast to Liverpool. I also work for organisations in Europe, Canada and the United States. So whether you're looking for copywriters in Yorkshire, Lancashire or Nottinghamshire, a Manchester, Hull or Sheffield-based copywriter or a copywriter further afield, Creative Copy delivers the powerful copywriting services you require - on time, to brief and to budget.

Creative Copy also offers technical / engineering writing services, provided by Paul Osborne, our specialist Leeds-based electrical and mechanical engineering consultant / technical writer.

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The cheapest, easiest loyalty-building technique known to man?

Today I received my umpteenth parcel from, my favourite online knitting yarn store. (I am a serial knitter.) Despite the fact that regular customers tend to get 10% off each new order, fast next-day delivery by a very friendly delivery driver from Hermes, regular special offers, a great range of yarns and no quibble free returns, I was somewhat put out. Why? Because, for the second order running, they’d omitted to include a boiled sweet in the parcel!


Listening to the 'listening bank'

HSBC's move to shift UK-based IT jobs overseas to Poland, China and India as part of its grand plan to cull 8,000 UK staff – AND get some of them to train their overseas replacements!!! – reminds me of the 'good old days' of the UK-based Midland Bank, before 'employer of choice' (as it likes to be known) HSBC took over. Back in the early 1980s (before I became a copywriter), one of my friends acquired a floppy 45rpm record produced by the Midland Bank as part of an advertising campaign to promote its tag line: The Listening Bank...


Another sales letter that’s pulled in business!

I love it when a client tells me that one of my sales letters has generated loads of business. Like this email from a client not too long ago: "We sent out a stack of sales letters last week and within 48 hours we’d already had 8 people on the phone – and that’s even before our sales people started following up with calls. I know that every time I talk to you, Bev, I’m going to make money which is great!"...


The busiest two months for AGES!

Apologies for being quiet on the blogging front, but I’ve been S.O. B.U.S.Y., which – of course – is a good thing. All bar one copywriting project has been from existing clients, many of whom go back literally YEARS. The exception was a company based in Europe who asked me to Anglicise a translation for a product leaflet. Basically, it needed a total rewrite, but they were so happy with the result that they sent me a second copywriting project – a trade advertisement – to write straight away...


The end of a busy week’s copywriting!

Okay, so what’s been on the copywriting menu this week? I’ve had the celebrity chef’s website again (copywriting for the recipe pages this time) followed by a case study for a company that supplies sea fish across the world. I’ve also been copywriting for a very old and regular client – a design agency which has probably put more copywriting my way than anyone else; we go back to 2003. (By the way I’m thrilled to have been included on their new website as their official copywriter!)...


9 years on and I’m still copywriting for this client – long may it continue

Next week I’ve got a meeting with the marketing manager of a long-standing client to talk through the company’s new branding – supplied by a design agency that specialises in corporate branding. From what I’ve seen so far, the new branding looks amazing: slick, creative and professional. And, when I think back to 2007 when I first met with this business, I can scarcely believe how far they have come...


What do industrial safetywear, printing and holiday cottages have in common?

Nothing, except that I’ve been copywriting for all three today. The thing is, as a copywriter, you have to be able to switch from one completely unrelated product or service to another, often in the blink of an eye. Not only this but you have to adopt the appropriate tone of voice – for that particular market and media type. For instance two out of the three projects comprised website copy; the other was a sales letter. Very different. Yet it’s the kind of thing that, as an experienced copywriter...


Food for thought when it comes to updating a website

Oh no, my favourite holiday cottage website has been completely redesigned beyond all recognition! And now it’s really difficult to find what I want. I was used to the old website which, although quite dated, did the job splendidly. And I loved the way the old website reflected the personality of the holiday cottage company as a small, friendly business based in a tiny Devon village, almost like the proverbial 'corner shop'...


Today’s clients have been with me since 2003 & 2004!

Yes, I’ve just checked my files and I’ve been copywriting for one of today's clients since early 2003! So we’re into our thirteenth year together. I’ve been copywriting for 27 years in total which means that I’ve been copywriting for this software solutions company for almost half that time. Today I’ve also been copywriting for a design studio client who has been with me since 2004, which is pretty good going...


Gosh, it’s been a busy couple of weeks!

In fact January has been a really busy month for copywriting. But these last two weeks have been exceptionally busy, starting with a huge website for a celebrity chef and two batches of social media copywriting: one for a business networking organisation and the other about an award-winning college website...


PowerPoint presentation lacking 'oomph'?

Here’s a great website which I found really helpful when I was trying to drag a regular PowerPoint presentation into the 21st century. Having an application like Photoshop helps, but you can still inject life into your PowerPoint presentation simply by changing the colours and fonts...


“We pride ourselves in our outstanding customer service…” De da de da de da

I have spent much of the morning 'on hold' while trying to get through to a large Yorkshire car dealership. I’m buying a new car and they told me I could reserve a certain vehicle for 48 hours by paying a £200 reservation fee....